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Winter is coming

I can hardly believe that Halloween is in 2 days and then then it will be November. What a year it has been so far.

I got an email invitation to participate in next years Belper Arts Festival yesterday, yet I can recall first applying this time last year as if it was recently!

Spring and Summer were spent doing various arts festivals and artisan fairs creating work and preparing for exhibitions. Autumn has seen me exhibiting at West Gallery Chesterfield Open Exhibition and currently at The Green Man Gallery, Buxton. I was very happy to be accepted to exhibit at Assemble at The Museum of Making, Derby just the other weekend. I got to teach and demo working with natural pigments and get a taste of how I would present a workshop in the future.

I also started a YouTube channel (@ivyrosediana) where I present turorials and painting demos, it's a slow grower but I reached double figures in subscribers this week so yayy 🙌🙌

When I write these blogs I'm always amazed when I realise just how much I've done over the past months. Sometimes it's good to look back and enjoy the memories and reflections, as it's very easy to worry that you haven't achieved anything or done enough.

Still to come this year are 2 Christmas arts fairs and continuing to build my esty shop and YouTube channel. Currently a labour of love as I don't get many views, but I have had some lovely comments. If you would like to see how I make my natural paint, inks and how to work with them, it's all there on my YouTube waiting for you. Disclaimer - I use my phone to record, no fancy camera here so it's basic and sometimes glitchy, but we have to start somewhere lol.

I'll also be starting a new project along with an artist friend in December which we're excited about so look out for that soon.

My first Newsletter went out this week having got sign ups at Assemble last weekend, you can sign up on my website 😊✨️ I'll be sending them out a few times a year to announce new events, advance previews of new work, workshops, eco tips and more. So please join if you're interested to keep in touch as social media can be fickle..

It's a rainy day as I write from my warm bed on Saturday morning and I'm looking forwards to pumpkin carving later today. Also have a creative urge to do some junk journalling too so who knows what will happen.

Have a great rest of Autumn🍂🎃



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