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All originals for sale, prints are also available for most works here.


Here are some of my favourite works, some using up shop bought paint and some using paints made by me with local rocks, soot and soil. Art should not harm our earth, my aim is to use up what shop bought paints I have then only use paint made myself or made by other eco artists who also use natural pigments.

I have listed work by their collections, please have a browse and if any piece appeals to you just send me a message to 

Prints are available for some works shown, visit my store. 

Prints are giclee and printed on Hahnemule German Etching paper. Prices for prints or original work are all below each piece. Allow up to 10 days from ordering to allow me to process and the company to print and ship. 

Personally I prefer to use frames and mounts I find in charity shops for my art when it appears in displays. So I tend not to sell the works in frames to save on postage costs as well as the extra packaging that would be needed to protect the glass. This way I can also reuse the frames I have for other exhibitions.  Buying second hand is more eco friendly and as an  aspiring eco artist I encourage reusing and recycling where possible.

If you would like to buy a mounted or framed print I can order with the print from the drop ship company I use.

Please see my Fine art cards section for card designs as there are a few extra artworks available there as cards only.

Artworks: Bio
Artworks: Pro Gallery
Artworks: Pro Gallery
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